John Gottman About Marital Stress and Children

The first time I ever heard about Dr. John Gottman was in Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking", where Gladwell gives an overview of Gottman's "Love Lab".  The "Love Lab" is just a catchy term for where he studies couples - and through the years, he has nearly perfected the ability to determine the fate of individual relationships.  He has up to a 91% accuracy rate in predicting whether newly married couples will eventually get a divorce - and here's the kicker: he only has to watch them for fifteen minutes.  Some have pooh-poohed Gottman's ability, but whether you believe that statistic or not, the guy is immensely likeable, full of positive problem solving, and great advice.

I was watching some of his youtube videos, and came across this one about the effective of marital stress on children.  Fascinating stuff.  If you have four minutes to spare, give this a watch:


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