Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!   Spring has officially begun, and I for one, am pretty excited!  More unseasonably mild weather has fallen upon my state of Connecticut, and most of us are relishing every moment of it.

Spring lends itself to "Spring Cleaning", where we clean out our homes of unused items, dirt and anything that keeps our houses from being spic and span.  We open the windows to let in fresh air, renewing our bodies with clean, nutritious air!

Think you could do the same thing with some of your relationships?  Is it time to rid yourself of the toxic people you know, while breathing new life into the relationships that have served you well?  Think about what you could do to brighten the day of your loved ones.  Bring someone a Spring bouquet or take someone on a picnic.  Use this beautiful weather to enhance the way you interact with the people who make your life full.

Enjoy it!  When you get back inside, email me your questions to: lisa@relationshipper.com.


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