5 Habits of the Happiest Couples - Yahoo

I was perusing the articles on Yahoo today, and came across this one entitled, "5 Habits of the Happiest Couples I Know".

I'm taking a cue from Shine staffer Sarah McColl's post, "Five Habits of Happy People Even the Biggest Grump Can Borrow."
When I looked at her tips and applied them to marriage, they seemed to ring pretty true. I thought I'd share some with you so you'll be inspired also. Or not. I'm sure you'll let me know.
The habits include: reaching out, being thankful, living your passion, making do, and enjoying the simple pleasures.  The article is definitely based on the aforementioned "Five Habits of Happy People".

Take a look at the article and pop back and tell me what you think!  Are you in a good relationship?  Do you agree with the 5 habits listed here?  Do you have others?  Would you omit one of these?


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