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Dear Relationshipper,

I'm in love with my math teacher. We fell in love when I was at her home to take some lessons. My parents, my friends, the other teachers don't know about our relation. I think we are screwed if anyone would find out about that. What should I do? To give up or to continue?

Hot For Teacher

Dear Hot,

My answer will depend upon the ages of those involved.  If you’re under age 18 (which I’m going to assume you are), you need to wait until you are of age before you go any further with this relationship.  While I’m not one to thwart a love affair because of age differences, but depending on your state, your relationship is probably illegal.  I am compelled to insist that you to refrain from any romantic relationship with this woman, now or in the future.

Look at it from this point of view: why is your teacher interested in a student?  I can understand that sometimes love shows up at inconvenient times, but of the entire male population, why did she choose one of her pupils?  This is not to mention the conflict of interest here, as she is your teacher.

I would seriously reconsider what you think may be love.  If I were you, I would immediately discontinue all lessons at her home and move out of her class completely, if possible.  The moral thing to do would be to report this woman to the administration at your school to make sure she doesn’t prey on any other students.  I realize that might be a difficult task, and you may prefer to keep things quiet.  The level of urgency in terms of notifying the school board will depend upon your ages, because if you are under 16, then this woman needs to choose a new profession that does not involve children.

I apologize for the harsh advice, but this one’s for your own good in the long run.  You may also want to examine the reasons you’d prefer to be romantically involved with an adult rather than a girl your own age.  Feel free to email me again with a new question in this area, and I’d be happy to help you find the root cause of this issue. : )

Best of luck!


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