Free Relationship Advice

Welcome to the Relationshipper!  My name is Lisa, and I've got an invitation for you.

Email me at: with any questions any relationship problem you may have - and I'll post it here, along with my advice!  I have a passion for helping people with their relationships, so I'm offering free relationship advice for everyone.

It can be any kind of relationship problem, from an issue with your boyfriend to a dilemma with a coworker.

Later on in 2010 (or MMX, as I like to call it), I will be publishing a book called "Three Questions", which is written exclusively for women, and it will solve many of their dating and relationship problems - all the reader will have to do is answer three questions, and the solution will appear.  Sound good?  Well then stay tuned, and subscribe to my blog to keep up with any updates.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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